Hi, Im Yoty

An online safety assistant for your child that lives in their smartphone

Children start their digital and online social lives at a fairly young age. With all these cool social and gaming apps luring them – it is often difficult for them to know what is safe or appropriate to share.

So what do you do to keep your children safe online? I am told many parents often choose between prohibition, spying or divine intervention.

Unfortunately none of these is an ideal stategy.

Make way for Yoty

I'm the friendly robot that helps your child stay safe online

As your child’s personal assistant I look out for their safety through INTERVENTION and EDUCATION. When I find unsafe behaviour, personal data or inappropriate content posted by your child on social media, I alert them, with a ‘think-again’ message and work with them to take immediate action on the matter.

  • I connect to the child’s social media feeds and analyses them
    I'm able to detect private and inappropriate content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (More networks coming soon)
  • I alert the child within minutes of posting content
    When something inappropriate is detected, I start a conversation with the child to address the issue within minutes of posting.
  • Full guidance to address the issue
    I guide the child directly on social media to help him/her take actions like editing or deleting sensitive posts.
  • All About Education
    Finally it is all about education. Through a conversational interface I deliver practical tricks and tips, positive news and stories to create awareness about the issues they face and about all aspects of digital citizenship including responsible online behaviour.

How do I work?

Deep in my belly is a machine-learning based engine which can detect privacy and reputation compromising content and recommends the right kind of educational content to be served to a child based on their needs.

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1. Signup

You sign up for an account, getting access to the web dashboard. Then you can register one or more children.

After installing the mobile app on their phone, your children link the app to your account, and to the social networks they use.

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2. Social networks analysis

I will analyse images and texts on your children's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to check for risky content .

Your children then gets alerted via the mobile app, and I guide them step by step until they fix the issues.

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3. Recurrent communication

I send you weekly reports, summarising your children's progress, positive changes, and unaddressed issues.

I'll also give your children quizzes and rich-media educational contents on a regular basis.

It's easy!

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Create your account

Just signup and create your own Yoty parent account. You can do this on your laptop or mobile.

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Create a child's profile

Just give his/her name, age and gender. You'll get a personalized QR code linked to your child's profile.

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Ask your child to download Yoty app on his phone

Available on the App Store for iOS and the Play Store for Android.

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Flash the code

Your kid then flash the code that is on your parent dashboard

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Connect to social networks

He can now connect to his favorite social networks

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And it's done!

Your child can start using the app, and you can track his results

I focus on specific risks

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Disclosure of private information, like an address or phone number.


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Inappropriate photos

Sharing inappropriate photos with too much skin.


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Sharing texts with inappropriate language.


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Exposure to inappropriate contents

Receiving inordinate amount of adult or violent content.


Empowerment through Education

I call out to your child when I detect suspicious content and help them delete such content. But that is not all ! I periodically send children information, fun-filled content and quizzes to help them understand the value of personal data, privacy and positive engagement with social media. The educational content is delivered in line with the Digital Literacy curriculum mandated in the public school systems in the UK and comprises of the following areas:

  • Internet Safety
  • Privacy and Security
  • Cyberbullying
  • Digital Footprint and Reputation
  • Self image and Identity
  • Relationships and Communication

I'll give your children rewards for completing quizzes and demonstrating the ability to manage their digital footprint effectively.

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You get a progress report and practical advice!

The idea is that I let children manage their problems themselves and serve you a progress report without breaching their trust or spying on them. Of course if children do not need my advice I escalate the matter to you along with expert advice on how to deal with the subject.

Armed with expert advices and links to helpful resources, you can better have the right conversation with your child.

I encourage parents to reward children to incentivize the good behavior, as my rewards points can be converted to pocket money or treats. (Coming Soon!)

You can choose the frequency of alerts and customize white and black lists of words and themes, to suit your concerns. I build trust at home!

I only alert you when necessary

I can send you alerts if your child did not take action on posts spotted as threats.

I also provide matching advices from trusted education sources to help you start a conversation with your child about it.

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